Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ballet Crochet Round Up

Last week I attended my first official ballet lesson and tonight will be my second. As a little girl, my best friend used to teach me little details from her ballet lessons, and I've always loved the elegance of this particular style of dance. So in honor of all of the inspirational ballerinas and the eight year old best friends, the crochet round up for this week is ballet themed.

Ballet Slippers

Yagmurshop on Etsy

You may find these slippers to be a little slippery for dancing, but they look beautiful regardless of your experience in ballet.

Baby Ballet Slippers

LilKahunaCrochet on Etsy

These mini-ballet slippers are too adorable! The soft pink is perfect to use as a prop for a gender reveal, whether in person or by photo announcement.

Bun Cover

Beanbugcreations on Etsy
Okay, I admit it, I have an insatiable love of ribbons. Paired with a pristine white yarn, this bun cover speaks for itself. Do adult ballerinas wear bun covers? If so, I'm recommending these for my ballet class's recital costume.

Pattern: Practice Socks

CozyThingsPatterns on Etsy
These socks are perfect for dance practice to keep your feet warm while still allowing feet to grip the floor. This pattern is simple enough for anyone with basic crochet knowledge, and you get an excuse to show off both your new dance and crocheting skills.

Pattern: Luxury Leg Warmers

Monpetitviolon on Etsy
These fashion friendly leg warmers are calling out for all off-duty and would-be ballerinas to keep warm during the winter months. Boots may keep legs warm outside but once they come off at a friend's house, these leg warmers are the only thing fighting against that economical heating bill.

Custom Order: Ballerina Doll

JensNeedleKnows on Etsy

Last but far from least is this cute ballerina doll with customizable colors. I adore her outfit but I'd love to change her hair colour to match the friend or little girl receiving this sweetheart as a gift.

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