Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Year of Projects Update 1: The List

I've finished my list for the year! After hearing everyone else talk about pigeon-holing themselves into specific patterns, I was a little worried since many of the items on my list are, indeed, specific patterns. This said, I've decided I'm going to leave it as-is but note that my list is going to be flexible! I will guilt-freely change patterns while keeping the object type the same, and I will likely add on (or maybe even remove) items as I go. This is going to be a comprehensive list of everything I crochet for the year.

If my list looks a little lengthy, that's because I have an Etsy shop to open! I'm planning on finishing several of these before September so I can open shop while all the fall/winter clothing shopping is happening. I should also note that items that are already started will have an asterisk (*) next to it.

Tops 0/2
*Original Design: 50s Inspired Cape 0/1
Tokyo Jacket 0/1

Dresses 0/1
Romantic Girl 0/1

Bottoms 0/1
Triple Play Skirt 0/1

Feet 0/3
DROPS Cozy Slippers 0/1
Tracks in the Snow Socks 0/1
Lace & Mod Podge Heels 0/1

Accessories 0/9
Fingerless Gloves 0/1
Miomi Slouch Hat 0/1
Nordstrom Hobo Bag 0/1
Silk & Lace Purse 0/1
*Ruffle Scarf 0/3
Ripple Cowl 0/1
City Neckwarmer 0/1

Other 0/1
Swim Suit 0/1

Home Decor 0/5
Mustache Mug Cozy 0/1
Tablecloth 0/1
Set of Placemats 0/1
Plarn Patio Rug 0/1
*Crocodile Dishcloth 0/1
*Basket for Powder Room 0/1
*Basket for Crochet 0/1

Plushies 0/1
Dirk the Dragon 0/1

New Techniques 0/8
Tunisian Basic Stitch
Magic Ring
Single Crochet Foundation
Surface Slip Stitch
Clusters Lover's Knot
V Stitch

Objects Started: 5
Objects Finished: 0
Objects on Original List: 33
Objects on Current List: 33

Techniques Started: 0
Techniques Finished: 0
Techniques on Original List: 8
Techniques on Current List: 8

Et Cetera - Currently Lacking Tools To Accomplish
Broomstick Lace


  1. Love the list and stated patterns work for some so dont mind the few of us who are fickle of mind when it comes to patterns, I'm totally guilty of this. Love your list and how its set out and the new techniques. I really like the stats addition on yours which I'm thinking I may add to my own list.

  2. The mustache mug cozy cracks me up. I've not seen that one before, very cute. The triple skirt is a neat idea. I marked it on RAV so I can take a look at it again later. Congrats on finishing your previous list and best of luck with the new one.
    Like Arnold, I'm Back

  3. Uh oh, I just clicked on the Ombre Crochet basket link and it looks like my queue might grow! Nice list! Specific patterns work for me. Sometimes I need a push to do patterns that aren't the one that catch my eye; and often they're my favourites once they're done!

  4. I do specific patterns. I'm 6 months behind, I did my mid-year reassessment of my lists. I still won't get anything done but it looks better this time.

  5. I like specific patterns as well but that was before I looked at lots of other lists, now I need to add lots more to my list (note need to)!!

  6. It looks like a great list! I did specific patterns for two years, and never had any problems with it! I just wanted a change for this year :)

  7. Wow! Some beautiful items on you list. So exciting that you're opening your own shop too. I'm reading about selling on the internet but it won't be this year. Meanwhile I'll cheer you on! I love the planning part and I just keep adding and adding even though I know I won't get it all done but this is so inspirational to share in everyone's hopes and dreams for the coming year. Good luck!

  8. What a wide assortment of patterns! I don't think you've pigeon-holed yourself. After all, you can always change some out if you feel like it. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I tried to reply to you but it bounced back. I will definitely be cheering you on! And how exciting to be opening an Etsy shop. I'm slowly working on one as well, but since I can't since I don't have anything ready to list yet, it's a WIP.

  9. Very nice list with lots of ideas..Isn't that triple play something? It took me a bit to realize that is was more than a skirt..It will be fun to follow along with you this year..

  10. I love your list--and while I am one who put general categories on my list, I did also sprinkle it with patterns too. Of course the chosen patterns may get replaced when something new and shiny comes along! Everyone is off to a great start--hope you have fun with us!

  11. Welcome to the group! Last year my list changed over the year too :) Best of luck with your etsy shop!


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