Monday, October 6, 2014

A Second Year of Projects: Update 2

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Apologies in advance for the lighting in some of these pictures. I wanted to finish my Year of Projects update in the evening, so bright and early Monday morning I can focus on getting final photos and posting new items into my Etsy shop.

Ribbed Kitchen Cloth

This is the first item I started this week and the first thing I finished. It's a modified version of a pattern from the Craftsy class Amazing Crochet Textures. It measures approximately 11.75 by 9.25". 

The goal is to make a small afghan out of squares by the end of this free mini-course, but I decided I wanted to break up the "squares" and turn them into something I could put in my Etsy shop.  I'll do a more in-depth review of this in a post about the entire Craftsy course.

Bailey Boot Cuffs

This is another free pattern which I got from Crochet Dreamz, but lacking in cute statement buttons I decided to forgo the button and decorative strap altogether.

They are super cute and I am looking forward to making these in multiple colors! I loved them so much I decided I'll be posting this item as "made to order" instead of made to ship, because I'm keeping the original pair.

The only down side is that I have a tendency to walk with my calves rubbing together, which stresses the wool yarn. I may have to switch to acrylic yarn, but then they will be machine washable and more user-friendly anyhow.

Coffee Cozies

These two coffee cozies are just a simple pattern I whipped up in the moment.

I made a chain based on the height I wanted the cozy to be, did a row of single crochets, and then repeatedly did rows of single crochets in back loops only until it was tall enough to wrap around a commercial coffee cup. I slip stitched the short sides together and did a round of single crochet on the top and bottom to prevent it from stretching too much.

YoP List Updates

Most recent changes are highlighted

Accessories 1/6
Fingerless Gloves 0/1
Miomi Slouch Hat 0/1
Silk & Lace Purse 0/1
Mittens (Pattern One, Pattern Two) 0.5/2
Bailey Boot Cuffs 1/1

Home Decor 3/6
Mustache Mug Cozy 0/1
Reusable Coffee Cozy 2/2
Set of Placemats 0/1
Wine Bottle Wrap 0/1
Kitchen Cloth 1/1

Objects Started: 4
Objects Finished: 3
Objects on Original List: 14
Objects on Current List: 17


  1. Great cloth and I love the boot cuffs. Best of luck uploading your stock to Etsy.

    1. Thanks! I've deemed it a success. I got some traffic not only from my friends and family on Facebook, but also straight from the Etsy home page. That was kind of exciting for me.

  2. Love the boot cuffs and think acrylic is a good idea as it is so easy to look after.

    1. Thanks! I agree on the acrylic. The majority of the color options I set up on Etsy ended up being acrylic. It's so much more durable and way easy to toss in the machine if you get a little mud or snow on them.

  3. Boot cuffs seem to be "a thing" huh? Wondering if the niece would like some for Christmas....

    1. They definitely are, I see a bunch of girls on campus wearing them. I'll probably crochet some as Christmas presents for my friends


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