Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Year of Projects: Update 2

Official List Updates:
  • Basket for Crochet Finished 7 July 2013
  • (NEW) Technique: Reading Charts
  • (NEW) Object: Diamonds in the Rough
Here's a brief summary of everything for the week, with a link to each post if you're curious about the details or just really don't want to work on Monday morning!

Tunisian Practice & Botched Basket

I made a small swatch of the Tunisian Simple Stitch before trying to make a basket, but all of the edges were curling so I clearly have some more practice to do before I can cross the Tunisian Simple Stitch off my list. I ended up tossing the basket.

Finished: Basket for Crochet

Yay! This basket turned out quite well and is my first finish for the year. It was my first time crocheting with multiple strands together and it was a little tricky, but I think it was just because my hook was a little on the small side. The handles aren't perfectly symmetrical either but that's probably because I was having a glass of wine.

WIP: City Neckwarmer
Crocheting is done, just need to buy buttons and attach the fastener.

WIP: Original Design Cape
This has a long way to go but I am crazy about this yarn, such a cool effect.

Working top-down, the cowl and tops of shoulders are done.

I flew home this weekend and I won't be back until the end of August, so it'll be a while before you see either of these WIPs finished. Not to worry, though, it gives me an excuse to start new projects!


  1. Love all the projects but especially the yarn in the cape. Well done on getting your first finish of the year.

  2. I like the basket. It looks great. I like that long shot of the neckwarmer too.

  3. That neckwarmer looks great. Can't wait to see the buttons you choose. Something chunky and funky, I hope :)

    1. Oh yes, this piece is in need of some statement buttons!

  4. The basket it great and if I had some wine I would think the handles were perfectly fine> LOL

  5. Love the blue of that Tunisian crochet, and the basket looks amazing, I love how it can stand up by itself.


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