Saturday, July 13, 2013

Flying & Sirdar Knots

Yesterday I flew home to visit family for a month and a half while I'm on summer break, which is why there was no Round Up this week.

I brought a new project with me on the plane (and plenty more in my luggage). The pattern is Patons Lace Delicate Scarf and I'm using Sirdar Snuggly 3 ply in a baby blue and white.

But after I got two rows done, I found a huge knot in the middle of the skein.

The yarn was not only tangled up, but the individual threads got stuck together too, almost like the yarn got threaded through itself.

Even after hours (yes, hours plural) of untangling, then more untangling by my angelic mother and step father, my yarn was pilling from being in a knot and it hadn't even been made into anything yet.

This isn't cheap yarn so I'm a little disappointed. Once it was finally untangled, I wound it up into a ball to make sure I didn't have the same problem again. I decided I wanted to unravel the couple rows I had done and restart it, now that I had a better feel for the pattern, to make my stitches more even. But guess what? I couldn't, because the yarn snagged on itself.

Since I don't need all of the blue, I think I'll just cut it off and start over, but this yarn is horrible to work with! I have never been so disappointed with yarn, but I guess that's the trouble with working with a yarn this soft. 

I'm curious if it's all super-soft yarn that acts like this, or if it's just this Sirdar yarn I bought. Please share your thoughts!

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