Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finished: Workout Beanie

Here it is! My first (soon to be) sale. A casual beanie for one of the boyfriend's workout buddies. Granted, he has no idea I'm about to make a business out of this.

I used a ball of black mystery yarn for this that I've had since I was thirteen years old. It's definitely a cheaper acrylic, probably Red Heart Super Saver, knowing my mother. It should be good for working out since it won't soak up all the sweat and get gross very fast, and it was a bit of a stash-buster project. There's probably enough for one more hat left in the ball now.

I was originally going to follow this pattern using double crochets and ending with a round of half double crochets, as listed on my Ravelry for the project, but I found it to be absurdly large. There was no gauge listed. My boyfriend is 6'4 and it was extremely loose even on him, so I had to unravel it and start over.

I ended up cutting out two rounds, round four and round six, but then added in a new round with four double crochets in a row followed by the two in one stitch method. Basically I made it increase slower and chopped off the vast majority of rounds 8-12 as listed in the original pattern. I don't feel like I really followed the pattern in the end, but I'll leave it up on my Ravelry project to be gracious since I probably would have struggled even more without it. I then finished it off using the invisible fasten off as is ideal for working in the round.

I'm really happy with how it turned out! The picture is a little poor since it's not on a person, it's just sitting on a yoga mat. I promise it's not lumpy. I also hand washed it in cold water with a little detergent because he was worried about the colors bleeding, so I'm adding in a little tag with care instructions just to be safe.

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