Friday, October 10, 2014

Shipped! First Order to Celebrate I Love Yarn Day

Happy I Love Yarn Day! I think most of us love yarn every day, but it's so fun to see everyone celebrating yarn at the same time. I was really itching to buy new yarn today but I was good and held off. Once I get paid for my first order, I'm going to go find some pretty burgundy. Maybe I'll go exploring in Toronto while I'm on vacation.

Speaking of vacation, my Etsy shop is on hold so I'm not accepting any more orders until next Thursday since I won't be able to mail anything out until the next week.

I have completed my first order on Etsy. The order was for a pair of boot cuffs in "Desert Sand" acrylic yarn.

Following my shop's handmade theme, both the wrapping paper and the thank you card were hand made as well.

I hope she loves them! I can't wait to start my next order, but until then, I've got a few new items in the works to put in my shop. Watch for my Year of Projects post on Monday to get a sneak peek!

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