Sunday, June 9, 2013

WIP Up The Week: June 10

Hey guys! As another weekend comes to a close, I'd like to introduce my weekly Monday series, WIP Up The Week. I'll share my WIPs, short for Works In Progress, both in the effort to keep this entity transparent and to keep myself inspired to always improve what is (or will be) in my Etsy shop. Here's what I started this week.

In all fairness, the crocheting is done for this piece. I'm going to pick up pins and possibly a spray bottle tomorrow to block it before I attach the chain tie. The first couple rows are a little uneven before I noticed the pattern was wrong. It's for personal use only.

I did this up quick in February but I think I need go back and add more ruffles, and I'm going to untie the ends and sew them properly shut so the scarf looks nice from all angles!

I started these socks in early February-ish, but classes got hectic so I dropped crocheting for a while. Now it's time to finish them! These will be for personal use only, since they'll likely be less-than-perfect.

This has been in the works since January when I first knew I wanted to open an Etsy shop. I finally drew up the designs and started making it along with a pattern that will be released some time after the product is for sale. I'll also be looking for pattern testers in the near future to help catch any mistakes or unclear writing. Since this is a yarn-intensive pattern, I will gladly give you the finalized copy of the pattern as well as a discount off anything in my shop.

Spoiler! I'm going to make a rug for the back patio of our new town house out of plarn. I give you one guess what my next post is about.

To-Do Before Etsy Grand Opening
  • Complete my Ravelry yarn stash
  • Find Pattern Testers for 50s Cape
  • Make Discount Code for Testers
  • Basic Stitches Youtube tutorials (Ch, Sc, Dc, Tr)
  • Make Fingerless Gloves
  • Probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting because it's almost three in the morning
  • Pick an offiial Grand Opening Date
  • Choose items to reveal as the countdown to the Grand Opening
  • Announce Etsy Grand Opening Countdown Event on personal social media accounts
  • GRAND OPENING SALE - ALL ITEMS x% OFF FIRST WEEK (C'mon, that'd be a spoiler.)
I can't believe how much there is to do before I can so much as make a formal announcement! My other half is the only soul who knows what I'm planning, and even he doesn't know how all-out I'm going by setting up the social media, complete with a couple posts each, etc. It is going to be so worth it! I just hope I don't lose too much time with the impending move to another city.

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